Lord thank you for the deposit of your Spirit. Father, today I ask that you strengthen the inner being of your people by your Spirit, especially those that are devoid of your Spirit, weak in their faith and poor in spirit. Help us to persevere in this Life of faith. Thank you for your anointing and giving us power to witness and continue the ministry of Jesus Christ. Thank you for the Voice of faith. Thank you for reaffirming and blessing us to identify with the truth of the unshakable Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus you are the "Amen"! Everything begins and ends with you. Thank you God, for no matter how many promises you have made, they are "Yes" in Jesus Christ. Thank you for the present and future salvation of your people. I pray that your spirit works in greater measure in us, by us and through us and that we receive more wisdom, revelation and knowledge concerning the redemptive power of your Word; and that we experience a more abundant power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Bless us to advance in grace and again Lord I ask that you let the manifested strength and power of your Spirit work in your faithful believers. In Jesus name, Amen.

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